We are currently inviting applications for new members of our Ceramics Studio at Wysing in Cambridgeshire. Our public access programme offers members access to the studio for up to 8 hours a week for a membership fee. 

About the Ceramics Studio

Our ceramics studio was originally founded in 2014 by Grantchester Pottery and has a range of equipment including moulds, wheels and two kilns. Historically, the space has been used primarily by Wysing studio and residency artists, but we'd like to invite people who live fairly locally to enjoy the space too. 

Public access open days will be Thursdays each week between 10.00-8.00pm and the first Saturday of each month 10.00-6.00pm. 

The room can support up to a maximum of 6 people working at any one time. 

Some basic materials will be available to buy at cost in the studio, but you can also bring and store your own clay at Wysing as part of your membership. 

If you'd like to come and see the space before applying for membership, please get in touch to arrange a visit by emailing info@wysingartscentre.org. 

About Wysing

Wysing believes in the transformative social and personal benefits of art and creativity, and that a more just world can only be achieved if everyone has equal access to the time and space needed to imagine it. Wysing provides accessible opportunities and resources to think and create, outside the habits of daily life. We support artists to develop their talent; we advocate for the immense value they have in the world, and we work to create the conditions necessary for them to have sustainable careers.

Membership Options

£140 per month, paid by direct debit on the first day of the month. Cancel any time with 30 days notice.

£800 for six months, paid upfront

£1,500 for one year, paid upfront.

About How We'll Select Members

The studio will not be staffed by a technician during all of the public access times (although we will have technicians working regularly on firings). Given this, we're expecting all members to have a good level of understanding and experience of working with clay - this includes knowledge about the health and safety within a ceramics studio and the responsible handling of toxic materials (i.e. glazes). 

Although we have four wheels in the studio, we're a small operation and just starting out, so we won't be able to get through the firing requirements if we have too many throwers. So we'll need to balance our memberships to include a range of practices. 

How to Apply 

Please use this form to send us some further information about your experience of working with ceramics, the kind of work you make and any information you want to share about how membership to the studio will benefit you and your practice. 

If you would prefer to submit your application in audio or video format instead of written format this can be uploaded.

The application currently has a rolling deadline - you can apply anytime.

What Happens After I've Applied

The Wysing team will take a look at your application. If you've been selected, we'll be in touch with you to let you know how to book the space and to arrange a health and safety induction first of all. You should be able to access the studio a month after being selected.

Wysing Arts Centre