Ends on November 11, 2018

  In 2019, Wysing Arts Centre will reach its 30th anniversary. As part of a programme of celebrations, we want to explore the history of Wysing and how the foundations laid by the original Founders have led to the organisation we have become; a valued and increasingly vital champion of artistic freedom and experimentation, and an organisation that values learning and co-operation, both in artistic development and in driving forward the urgent cultural debates of our time.

Wysing was established by friends Jenny Brooks, Terry Brooks, Annie and Age Bunnetat in 1989, the end of a politically turbulent period that defined the UK, and indeed the wider world, for the subsequent 30 years and the legacy of which we are still living with today. Through this open call we are inviting an Artist-Archivist to delve into the Wysing archives to uncover the organisation’s early history and to reflect on its trajectory within wider societal changes, leading to a gallery exhibition in the autumn of 2019. Alongside archive material on Wysing’s history, which is currently in storage onsite, there is a small collection of art works purchased by the Founders.

The Artist-Archivist in-Residence fee is initially £5,000 for a two-month residency plus a travel budget of up to £1,000. An additional budget will be available for producing the exhibition. It is expected that the Artist-Archivist in-Residence will stay at Wysing for the period to undertake research, though this can be split over a number of visits. The residency can take place any time from January 2019 onwards and the Artist-Archivist in-residence will have access to free on-site accommodation and a studio, curatorial and technical support, and will be able to book the use of a vehicle and Wysing’s recording studio if applicable. 

Please read these guidelines before making an application: 

Profile of Artist-Archivist

As with all our programmes, we are keen to hear from artists who can bring a range of cultural, social, racial and gender perspectives to the programme. By ‘artists’ we mean visual artists, curators filmmakers, and writers, or those working in other disciplines relevant to this research project. We will be looking to work with someone who has experience of working with archives.

To Apply

Once you have set up an account you are able to return to your application any time up until the deadline which is midnight on 11 November 2018. It is recommended that you apply with enough time to approach us with any questions or queries about using the Submittable website. We are not able to accept applications after the deadline. 

You will need to provide:  

  1. A statement on your work, why you are interested in being the Artist-Archivist in-Residence, and details of your experience on working with archives (max 1,000 words).  
  2. An initial outline of how you would approach the residency, and present the research (max 1,000 words) 
  3. Six images of your work, or other relevant material.  
  4. A current CV.  
  5. Your proposed residency dates or research periods 

We are happy to accept applications that have been recorded onto video and uploaded onto Submittable, instead of written applications. We are able to provide a range of workspace and accommodation and if you have any access or other needs that you wish to discuss before applying, please contact us on 01954 718881. 

The deadline for applications is midnight on 11 November 2018.